Semi-precious Gemstones

Semi-precious gemstone beads are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes meaning that you should be spoilt for choice. Combined with Swarovski crystals or lustrous pearls, this range of gemstone earrings will complement any outfit.

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Price: £ 40.00

Drops of faceted tanzanite hanging on silver chain from sterling silver earring studs.

Price: £ 20.00

A pair of sterling silver earrings with Ethiopian Opal rondelles set off by sterling silver spacers.

Price: £ 16.00

A pair of sterling silver earrings with Aquamarine faceted rondelles which catch the light.

Price: £ 15.00

A pair of sterling silver earrings with Sky Blue Opal rondelles & sterling silver stardust beads which add some subtle sparkle.

Price: £ 12.00

A subtle pair of sterling silver earrings with Pink Opal rondelles & natural Freshwater Pearls in an antique pink shade.

Price: £ 13.00

A luscious lime green pair of earrings made with faceted Peridot rondelles, which catch the light, suspended from sterling silver earrings.

Price: £ 14.00

A classic pair of sterling silver earrings with shiny, faceted Black Spinel rondelles interspersed by sterling silver spacers.

Price: £ 12.00

A stunning pair of sterling silver earrings with Citrine rondelles & antique gold Freshwater Pearls.

Price: £ 16.00

These faceted Garnet pears hang delicately from flexible wires at different heights & catch the light as you move; they are suspended from sterling silver earrings to finish off the decadent look.

Price: £ 15.00

One of my favourites - faceted Tourmaline rondelles which are shaded from greens through to deep reds & browns, highlighted by a few coated pyrites which catch the light; all suspended from sterling silver earrings.

Price: £ 18.50

A stunning pair of sterling silver earrings with Tanzanite rondelles & midnight blue Freshwater Pearls.

Price: £ 14.00

These earrings are a simple design of White Topaz faceted rondelles curling from sterling silver earrings.

Price: £ 10.00

A delightful pair of earrings in multi-colour Baltic Amber - Butterscotch, Honey, Dark Cognac & Cherry on gold plated ear hooks.

Price: £ 8.00

A pair of earrings to match the new Turquoise Delight necklace. Turquoise magnesite, crystal and 'fools gold'.

Price: £ 24.00

Gently curved hearts of sterling silver encompass these twinkling, faceted Emerald rondelles.

Price: £ 14.00

One of the rarer forms of garnet, these Hessonite Garnets are a rich deep orange & are suspended on sterling silver earrings.

Price: £ 17.00


These earrings are a lovely combination of soft hues from the subtle Aquamarine to light pink Morganite suspended on sterling silver earrings.

Price: £ 21.00


A gorgeous pair of delicately shaded Ruby & Pink Sapphire faceted rondelles on sterling silver earrings.

Price: £ 17.00

This lovely pair of sterling silver earrings have blue sapphires in graduating shades interspersed by sterling silver spacers.