Indian Summer Earrings - SOLD

Price: £ 8.00

A striking pair of earrings with sponge coral, Carnelian & Swarovski crystals for that extra bit of sparkle. Designed to match the Indian Summer Necklace.

The Sponge coral beads are 1cm in diameter & the earrings measure 2.75cm (1") from the loop & hang from gold plated ear wires.

*Gem corals are hard, underwater, organically produced tree-like structures usually found attached to sea floors. These underwater trees are the byproducts of small cylindrical, tube-like colonizing sea creatures called polyps. Sponge Coral for jewellery is farmed and is not removed from the Coral Reef causing the environmental damage associated with traditional corals; thereby making it a natural organic substance, not an endangered species, and a sustainable product. Sponge coral is reconstituted into different shapes for jewellery.

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