Lustrous Pearls and Shell

My freshwater pearl necklaces have a lustre & beauty which shines through. I also make pieces using shell whose colour & depth can be as beautiful as pearls. My jewellery includes pearl necklaces, shell pendants & pressed sponge coral pendants in a range of designs. Enjoy!

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Price: £ 28.00

There is quite a lot of navy & yellow in fashion at present & this necklace gives you both with navy quarzite & blue goldstone set off with lemon shell pearl & larvikite interspersed with silver plated stardust beads.

Price: £ 24.00

This understated necklace offers contrasts of shine & sheen. The small apatite stones are a beautifully subtle shade of blue which catches the light & they contrast with the soft sheen of the Teal Freshwater Pearls.

Price: £ 26.00

This brightly coloured shell necklace has vibrant white, pink & black patterned shell discs combined with red Magnesite, black agate & black plated rounds.

Price: £ 25.00

A versatile necklace in wavy lined river shell complemented by black onyx & glass pearls interspersed with foil lined glass.

Price: £ 37.00

This necklace is inspired by shades of the seaside on a hot summers day. It is a mix of aqua & white highlighted by copper & rose gold coloured wavy discs & findings.

Price: £ 26.50

A necklace made for spring with lime green shell, shell pearl in light grass green & lemon interspersed by shaded yellow agate & gold plated daisy spacers.

Price: £ 20.00

A gorgeous double sided, puffed whole Abalone shell pendant hangng from a silver plated chain.

Price: £ 48.00

This stunning necklace combines shades of smokey blue from Slices of Kyanite, rainbow coated quartz & shell pearls with white pearl rondelles with bright silver spacers to catch the light, all finished off with a sterling silver clasp.

Price: £ 27.00

This subtle necklace features coins of light turquoise river shell decorated with flowers combined with agate, freshwater pearls, fossil beads & a little sparkle!

Price: £ 22.00

A gorgeous wire wrapped Abalone shell in a marquise shape hangng from a silver plated chain.

Price: £ 22.00

A gorgeous double sided, heart drop in Abalone shell suspended from a sterling silver bail & chain.

Price: £ 45.00

This stunning pendant has a whole abalone shell wrapped in silver plated wire with a woven bail.

Price: £ 72.00

This spectacular necklace combines freshwater pearls & Sunstone in warm champagne tones with added sparkle complemented by sterling silver beads & clasp.

Price: £ 56.00

This gorgeous necklace is a subtle combination of purple shades with different textures from deep purple amethyst & soft lavender pearls to faceted rainbow fluorite which catches the light, all finished off with a sterling silver clasp.

Price: £ 40.00

This attractive necklace has deep mahogany shell pearls interspersed by Rose Quartz & plum pink coloured Keishi pearls.

Price: £ 22.00


A gorgeous heart drop in Abalone shell wrapped in sterling silver wire & suspended from a sterling silver bail & chain.

Price: £ 39.00


A combination of subtle shades of green with flowered shell rectangles lightly wrapped in bronze wire with lime glass pearls & prehnite rondelles.

Price: £ 37.50


This necklace has calming colours with caramel coloured shell, white faceted shell pearls & soft green serpentine.

Price: £ 60.00

This stunning necklace has a combination of Freshwater Pearl & Amethyst coins with Mystic Quartz finished off with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

Price: £ 24.00

This necklace is a mix of green banded Agate with white pearl coins & frosted coffee shell pearls which add a complementary neutral tone.