Semi-precious Gemstones

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The natural formation of these gemstones results in unique colours and markings which are a constant source of inspiration. Many of the gemstones have special Meanings or are Birthstones or Zodiac Stones making them the ideal gift. Browse the collection at your leisure and see what inspires you.


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ocean-shore-necklace close up
Price: £ 32.00

A serene mix of green/blues in the multicolour amazonite & shell pearls with grey/browns in the slices of multicoloured agate & soft white of moonstone.

Price: £ 38.50

This rich necklace combines purple Charoite slices, faceted Fire Agate &  Lavender Amethyst with dark rainbow shell pearls & silver plated stardust highlights.

Price: £ 32.00

This Pyrite & teal shell necklace has hidden depths as it shimmers in blues & gold which are set off by Labradorite & metallic green freshwater pearls.

Price: £ 20.00

This unusual pendant is an elongated cube of mystic rainbow coated quartz with a hammered effect suspended from a sterling silver bail & chain.

Price: £ 24.00

This on-trend necklace is a combination of mustard yellow marble with lemon & golden shell pearls with gold plated stardust rounds for a subtle sparkle.

Price: £ 25.00

A simple but eye-catching necklace of faceted red agate coins interspersed with rose gold plated stardust rounds & findings.

Price: £ 60.50

The combination of black, greys & silver includes stones that have different shapes, facets & glowing properties that add extra interest to produce a stunning necklace finished off with a sterling silver clasp.

Price: £ 30.00

A combination of Quartz in blue ovals & mystic coated rounds is interspersed with silver plated stardust beads for a modest sparkle.

Price: £ 24.00

A two strand necklace with a satin copper finish woven through & around pressed sponge coral, orange Sardonyx, pearls & Swarovski crystals.

Price: £ 31.00

This dark red necklace is a simple design of Red Marcasite interspersed with red dyed, faceted agate & cognac Freshwater Pearls.

Price: £ 24.00

An easy to wear, simple necklace finished off with waxed cord in turquoise & blue tones. The turquoise chips are interspersed by shell pearls, pyrite & white crackled quartz to create a gorgeous mix of colours & textures.

Price: £ 30.00

Hemimorphite focal beads in soft turquoise hues contrast with deep turquoise chips with Chinese crystal highlights and pyrite lowlights.

Price: £ 48.00

This stunning necklace combines shades of smokey blue from Slices of Kyanite, rainbow coated quartz & shell pearls with white pearl rondelles with bright silver spacers to catch the light, all finished off with a sterling silver clasp.

Price: £ 27.00

This subtle necklace features coins of light turquoise river shell decorated with flowers combined with agate, freshwater pearls, fossil beads & a little sparkle!

Price: £ 30.00

This brightly coloured shell necklace has vibrant white, pink & black patterned shell discs combined with red Magnesite, black agate & black plated rounds.

Price: £ 30.00

This stunning blue & green necklace features a combination of agate, quartz & flat pillows of abalone with shell pearls & fancy metal spacers.

hot-stuff-necklace close up
Price: £ 23.00

An easy to wear necklace in claasic red & gold with red magnesite puffy coins connected by gold plated wavy tubes which give a rippling effect.

Price: £ 24.00

This understated necklace offers contrasts of shine & sheen. The small apatite stones are a beautifully subtle shade of blue which catches the light & they contrast with the soft sheen of the Teal Freshwater Pearls.

Price: £ 23.00

fun & easy to wear necklace in red magnesite puffy coins connected by silver plated wavy tubes which give a rippling effect.

Price: £ 72.00

This spectacular necklace combines freshwater pearls & Sunstone in warm champagne tones with added sparkle complemented by sterling silver beads & clasp.