Sparkling Crystal and Glass

If you are looking for something to wear that will catch everyone’s eye, look no further than my collection of Swarovski Crystal & handmade glass necklaces - the new summer range is reminiscent of Sea Glass. It may be the final touch to that designer outfit or a present for someone special - you will find something here.

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Price: £ 27.00

A stunning rose pink Swarovski crystal heart with delicate shades. It hangs from a sterling silver bail & 45cm (18") curb chain.

Price: £ 27.00

A stunning light vitrail Swarovski crystal heart in shades of lavender. It hangs from a sterling silver bail & 45cm (18") curb chain.

Price: £ 27.00

A stunning clear Swarovski crystal heart with an aurora borealis coating. It hangs from a sterling silver bail & 45cm (18") curb chain.

Price: £ 27.00

A stunning Swarovski crystal heart in vitrial with deep shades of greens and blues. It hangs from a sterling silver bail & 46cm (18") curb chain.

Price: £ 13.00

This teal glass heart with stardust motes is suspended on a silver plated pendant mount and 45cm (18") silver plated trace chain.

Price: £ 20.00

An entrancing hollow glass heart with pale blue swirls suspended from a sterling silver chain.

Price: £ 25.00

A stunning deep purple Swarovski crystal heart which hangs from a sterling silver bail & 18" curb chain.

Price: £ 32.50


A simple clear faceted Swarovski crystal heart which hangs from a sterling silver bail & 40cm (16") curb chain.

Price: £ 20.00

A glowing necklace with red glass beads with rose gold decoration connected by gold plated wavy tubes which give a rippling effect.

Price: £ 15.00


A golden swirl hollow glass heart which hangs from an antique gold plated 46cm (18") curb chain.

Price: £ 24.00


A stunning glass disc with blue waves with black & silver on a greek leather cord with sterling silver findings.

Price: £ 20.00

A simple hollow glass heart in lemon & lime swirls which hangs from a sterling silver 45cm (18") curb chain.

Price: £ 10.50


Dusky pink chips of Rhodonite contrast with the clear, aurora borealis coated, Swarovski crystals.

Price: £ 16.00


This is a simple drop of borosilicate glass with waves of blue and green in its depths suspended from a 40cm (16") sterling silver chain.

Price: £ 19.00


A silver lined bright green murano style glass heart with gold swirls is suspended from a necklace of complementing glass beads.

Price: £ 10.50


A simple yet charming dark blue goldstone gemstone chip necklace with the added sparkle of Swarovski crystals.

Price: £ 27.00


A stunning frosted dusky pink necklace of lamp-worked glass rectangles linked by mink glass pearls.

Price: £ 10.50


Clear lime green chips of Peridot contrast with the solid green, miyuki glass cubes.

Price: £ 10.00


The two-tone glass heart is suspended from a 41cm (16") silver plated curb chain.